What gut type are you?

first_imgThe gut is often coined as ‘the gateway to the body’ and as such, it is extremely important to ensure it is well looked after for optimum health and wellbeing.A growing number health experts and practitioners are now exploring the notion that individuals have a different gut types which ultimately determines how we react to food. Naturopathic nutritionist Julie Haigh explores the five different gut types proposed, and how you might be able to alleviate the painful, associated symptoms.Candida Gut‘Candida is a type of yeast which resides in the upper intestine, alongside other gut bacteria. If present in moderate levels, candida contributes to healthy gut functioning, however, in some circumstances, such as during antibiotic treatment or a poor diet, high in processed sugars and fats, candida will take the opportunity to grow and multiply.‘Symptoms include unexpected weight gain, loose stools, and brain fog. There are many ways you can counteract a candida gut; I recommend trying the Candida Diet Foods plan which is based on the 5R plan; removing offending foods, replacing digestive support, replenishing with nutrition and repopulating gut bacteria, repairing leaky gut and rebalancing lifestyle, stress and diet issues. Along with diet and lifestyle recommendations, Candida Diet Foods also has a whole host of healthy candida friendly recipes and meal plans to follow, helping you on your journey to improved wellbeing.’Sourcelast_img

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