Shanghai launched special campaigns to combat nternet piracy sword action

August 24th news: today, the Shanghai Municipal Copyright Bureau, Public Security Bureau, the communications authority, the cultural market law enforcement action, Internet information office and other five departments jointly held 2012 "sword action" work conference and the 2011 Annual and piracy case advanced commendation meeting, officially launched special rectification "piracy Shanghai Jian Wang action network". This is the second since 2005, Shanghai launched the eighth special action against Internet piracy, for a period of four months.

in 2011, under the overall command of the Shanghai network copyright comprehensive management of the leading group, Shanghai governance network piracy work achieved remarkable results. According to statistics, Shanghai within the scope of prosecuting illegal dissemination of infringing works unit 73, for investigation of infringement of the right to network dissemination of information violations since 4, shut down all kinds of illegal infringement of audio-visual music website and website 54, ordered to stop the infringement of 19 units, ordered to remove infringing works about 100 thousand. This year’s "net" will highlight four aspects: one is the focus, the integration of law enforcement forces, focused on investigating a number of major cases of Internet infringement; the two is to improve the mechanism, to further establish and improve long-term mechanism to protect the copyright of Internet, play the advantage of cooperation department, earnestly promote the comprehensive management of Internet copyright; the three is to strengthen the propaganda, vigorously to create respect for the network copyright protection and good social atmosphere of public opinion; four is to optimize the management, through the combination of heteronomy and self-discipline, establish and perfect the copyright management system, to ensure "to investigate and deterrence, supervision measures, governance, long-term publicity momentum".

During the

meeting, bestv 9 Hushang renowned Internet companies as a new member, sign up for Internet companies in Shanghai copyright convention. So far, the Shanghai Internet copyright self-discipline member units to 17. The meeting also won the 2011 year in Shanghai to investigate and deal with cases of infringement and piracy of collective and individual meritorious.

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