Mobile phone search keywords marketing refers to small business owners dahushangdang scam

buy search keywords, with Baidu (micro-blog) promotion platform, many SMEs have been successful. Now, some of the promotion of enterprise carrying mobile Internet banner, the opportunity to launch mobile phone search service, and promotion will be held in the high-end hotel again, encourage small and medium-sized enterprises registered "mobile phone search keywords". Many small and medium enterprises registered, but after dahushangdang, accusing it of a full of misleading marketing.

Marketing Summit into brainwashing will

Wang Xiaofei is a small and micro enterprises in Shanghai shareholders, the company’s main environmental protection equipment. In mid June, Wang Xiaofei received an invitation in the mail, the theme of the 2012 SME new business, new thinking, new pattern of innovative marketing summit". Because your company carried out soon, is thinking about how to expand the market, open market, received the invitation letter, Wang Xiaofei heart, "the meeting must be the general manager of the enterprise or person to attend, so I believe."

June 14th, Wang Xiaofei came to Ramada Plaza Hotel in Wujiaochang, attended the summit". The speaker claimed to be a famous marketing expert, at the beginning stage of the meeting, the official told the small and medium-sized enterprise off the reel, the predicament, and some marketing skills, which makes Wang Xiaofei feel quite practical. But after this person is in "easy to find easy to sell," he said it is easy to check the search engine, the purchase of search keywords, search the word after the others, will be linked to their own business website. But also said that more than a dozen similar summit is also held simultaneously in other parts of the country, so the key words to get registered, or not." Wang Xiaofei said.

products after the end of the meeting site immediately sounded a deafening sound sound, and has specialized personnel over the "one to one" for the enterprise personnel services. "The sound is too loud to hear what others are saying. They obviously don’t want to communicate with each other." Wang Xiaofei said. Dizzy, Wang Xiaofei paid 6000 yuan deposit, this is a year of service fee.

Wuhan Ms. Zhang also encountered the same situation, she participated in the promotion will be easy to check and easy to "in a hotel in Wuhan, to the workers and business owners of" one to one "communication stage, stereo sound field is very large, finally she made 20 thousand yuan service fee.

lawsuit, we are not afraid of

back to the company, Wang Xiaofei felt something, then he found online inquiry, a lot of people say that they met the same situation, this is money scam.

"they just said it was a Marketing Summit, not referring to specific products. If you mention it, I’m sure I’ll check it out before the meeting. In the dark to attend the meeting, the atmosphere got enthusiastic, very easy to make impulsive decisions." Wang Xiaofei said. Wang Xiaofei gave reporters a look at his invitation, which reads the support of the meeting

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