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Dedecms is a free open source CMS system based on Php is more widespread in China, small and medium-sized websites of domestic application, including nine tour and other major manufacturers also use Dedecms as a sub section, along with the continuous development and progress of Dedecms, the new Dedecms not only pocketed the eye, but because many "bounced" so many webmaster heart itch, many webmaster community is teasing a bunch of versions, such as: Dedecms, Dedecms2007 version, Dedecms version of the Mars version and so on, some users spoof hit version, the original version of lotus and so on. This degree of concern and waiting for the mood, not long ago, after the Dedecms team building and development, more and more users are looking forward to the new.

We passed the

Blog content of a DEDECMS development team members get a number of Dedecms related to the first version of the preview, you tell me what the spot according to the preview of the works progress, that released from the official version of the

is not far away

official website home page


article list template


article content template


image model list template


Flash model content template


download model content template


background preview

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