Micro Forum group purchase to chuizhihua development must not burn



technology news news November 17th, vice president Feng Xiaohai, full network CEO F group vice president Wen Jingjun, tick group Zhu Min today guest micro Tencent technology forum. Three guests think, group purchase mode is the continuous innovation, fortune and not to the development of group purchase mode.

Feng Xiaohai said, do not burn no way out, is a false proposition. Full network in the market did not spend a penny to do well. Currently buy more intense competition, forcing everyone to spend money. But now buy, has entered a healthy environment. Feng Xiaohai believes that now buy has gradually entered the health situation, investors do not invest money, it is silly investors.

Wen Jingjun believes that the handle in the early development of large-scale launch strategy, not just put to the handle, but also put to buy the industry, played a very good education user process. But do not act must burn the group purchase.

Zhu Min said that the burn cycle, but the competition of different ideas. But the development strategy of each group is different. China has a great market opportunity, it should be able to accommodate more than IPO.

Wen Jingjun said that the brand is not only to buy the brand to hit the money is effective, its social marketing is also essential. From the marketing point of view, one is the ability of creative planning, the second is the ability to integrate resources, the ability to integrate resources to spend the less advanced, the third is the ability to execute.

but also need to pay more attention to the personnel management personnel management. Staff mobility in the past few months has been criticized by domestic buy. Wen Jingjun pointed out that, in addition to marketing, personnel costs accounted for a very large proportion of the entire expenditure structure. At present, the domestic ranking of the previous group buying sites are at least a thousand people. How to determine the appropriate management system is very important. Wen Jingjun said that in the same industry, the flow of F group is relatively small.

mentioned buy in winter innovation. Feng Xiaohai, Wen Jingjun and Zhu Min believes that the domestic group purchase fact has great innovation compared with the traditional Groupon model, the future may be just a group purchase with this noun, in essence is the localization of domestic group purchase business platform, not only the promotion mode of violence.

from the concept of the platform is concerned, the current implementation of the F group is 3+1 mode, in the F mission outside the main station, QQ buy, part of the city of Victoria and happy to buy the group is responsible for the operation of F. In addition, F group will also be happy to create a joint venture network, to explore more localized business.

at the same time, Feng Xiaohai does not believe that the group will harm the interests of businesses, its model problems. He pointed out that on the one hand is the reasonable allocation of group purchase business idle resources to local businesses, on the one hand is to bring new users, to cultivate the market role.

Wen Jingjun believes that the development of the group to the present, has been a day from a group to the development of

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