Local stations in the county line propaganda

is now in the Internet era, local network media website has become the carrier of the local indispensable, with the successful fish Hualong Xici etc local portal operators, each big company. Team. Individuals have joined the ranks of the large scale commercial city population resources, has become the main reading object, has too difficult points with soup from, except the county-level city is still in the blank stage, in addition to the main station at the county level or more individual grassroots webmaster, promotion has become barriers to success, now in the county of my website offline promotion experience with you a share of


one. Net type pre bedding


network is less cognitive users less common in each county city, to promote the difficulties, so we must first start from the heart to the high streets and back lanes is the most simple concept, posters, leaflets, name card, posters as the primary starting point, to cover the main streets, so that they can see the rise of your advertising, so people generally know there is such a site exists, the next is the flyer with name card, here I do not recommend you to the flyers, because the instinct advertising exclusion, rarely see people. So the first business card, small and exquisite collection of everyone, so repeat 2 times, your site is basically in the hearts of the masses.

two. Targeted publicity

every city has its own public entertainment venues, such as parks, squares and other places, is now in the summer, hot weather, the afternoon of these places adults mainly concentrated place, the most direct way of publicity, treat to eat watermelon, the lowest cost the best way of publicity, web banners with watermelon go has just said, a stage, people are always positive cognition on your website, of course, to deal with the aftermath, the watermelon concentrated go, this is just my idea, you can extrapolate.

three. Advertising effect propaganda

then relates to some cooperation, such as with the local studio together in the bride contest, do online voting, by word of mouth to promote your website and business advertising exchange and so on a series of, I believe that. Your website has been popular.

above is my business forum in Fanshi under the promotion of the line of experience, to share the majority still adhere to the county level in front of the webmaster friends, but also hope that I share my experience with www.ifanshi.com, qq62934502

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