6 into false news starting on micro-blog Tuesday is the peak of rumors spread WeChat

on the morning of 24, China Academy of Journalism and communication in Beijing issued a "new media blue book". Blue book survey, at present, nearly 60% false news every Tuesday starting at micro-blog, is the highest peak in a week WeChat rumors spread. In addition, because of the closed environment, self correcting ability is weak, compared with micro-blog, WeChat rumors rumor difficult.

This blue book called "

new media Blue Book: China No.6 new media development report (2015)", this is Chinese new media development report of Journalism and Communication Research Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Chinese issued sixth consecutive years of the "".

nearly 60% false news starting in micro-blog

this book is divided into general report, report, investigation, focus and communication industry the five part, discusses the Chinese network space security, WeChat micro-blog, social media, public opinion, the transformation of traditional media network rumors governance, the development of industrial integration, digital media copyright, the observation and study of the communication effect, micro-blog the mobile terminal data analysis, status of news and other important issues.

report that, on the whole, the focus of new media development is shifting to asia. As of the end of 2014, China’s Internet users accounted for 649 million, accounting for the total number of the world’s total of 21.6%.

the Internet is changing Chinese lifestyle, but due to the chaotic complex mass of information, dissemination of false information, especially the negative effects of network rumors, the Internet also gradually began to affect social stability. This report is particularly concerned about the current concern micro-blog, WeChat false information, network rumors do a special analysis.

blue book report "new media era" false news "phenomenon and Countermeasures", 92 false news on 2014 was widely spread and typical of multi dimension analysis, found that 59% of false news starting at micro-blog.

researchers believe that micro-blog platform open high, like an open information exchange square, everyone can publish information on it, and thus become the source of many new media false news. As of August 2014 the network "Shanghai subway car no one to help foreigner fainted, but fled in panic" video, many of the media not to verify that the information published in micro-blog, triggered hot Internet users, after the Shanghai subway has confirmed that the news is not true, "after the train stops station attendant timely relief for foreign passengers aboard".

According to

, the blue book, false news first appeared in the network media accounted for 32%, ranked second. The report said, this kind of media base, but is the transformation of traditional media and new media forms, there are false news in October 28th "Chinese" failed "the world’s worst air 20 city", December 17th "the latest Chinese map released" cancer etc..

report analysis, WeChat platform user base and has a higher social media properties, the platform is highly closed information, tend to spread familiar. Start with WeChat

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