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my station ready to even more. So I want to find some web site included, but I found that 98% of the web site are required to make their own connections, I think this is good. First you go against the real use of the web site included! What are the requirements for the site is? As long as it is a good site to but now included! We do website station display. Take myself for my


http://s.socotton.com can be said that the current top three cotton site, but few web site included! But require me to apply for this connection. Do I want to tell the web site do friends, not too realistic! Because the industry can not be for you to do site connected. You should put more energy into the your own web site to get some web site. The quality of cotton type: many have not visited. You do not check the..DOWN down, don’t change. Directly put up. Have their own characteristics? The network access station. Why should people use your web site…!


site stand: for now, divided into three categories:

comprehensive, local, professional class. Now my personal point of view, if the site to have a breakthrough, also need to develop comprehensive professional! Just like 163, SINA, may not appear in a big change, want to do a real comprehensive web site, not easy unless. You have your own means of promotion. Remember the earliest forming ranks, is to rely on QQ expression, QQ expression is written on its own web site, it is only in the particular product, are now filled QQ expression station, so you also don’t want to.


local web site: This is the best place to rely on an information port, what is so good to promote the search for a few places to talk about Internet cafes… Home page set into a local web site!

Specialty: at present. A trend of Web site but this class web site can be said, as long as you do. We have a result, because the professional web site, can attract the attention of the crowd, which can affect the industry


PS: do stand friends hope to include the following station:

website: China cotton trading network

URL: http://s.socotton.com

category: Textile – Cotton (or: Agriculture – planting)

introduction: cotton prices, cotton prices, cotton information, cotton trading!

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