Jingdong came to the sun orders data that do not do self

news August 6th, the day before, the Jingdong for the first time outside the home in the on-line since March of this year’s performance. In terms of orders, the maximum daily orders over 50 thousand single Kita Kamihiro Crowdsourcing; in terms of logistics and distribution, to send a single daily amount of super – 20 thousand single, send a single month growth rate of 219%.

billion state power network learned at home Jingdong APP, currently including supermarket, catering, delicacy, flowers cake, domestic washing, massage, beauty industry in 8 categories, including health home just on the line. The show is sent to the city of Shanghai, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu, Tianjin, Nanjing, Ningbo, the state power grid, in addition to North Canton, many areas in other parts of the click, show that the region is not covered.

according to the general manager of Jingdong operating home Cao Bo said, at present Beijing area covering the best, the outer ring of Shanghai within the basic coverage, Guangzhou in the end of this month is the basic coverage of all end, while Shenzhen is gradually covered in. The next few months, the scope of service Jingdong will extend to Nanjing, Tianjin, Chengdu and other 12 cities. Currently in terms of orders, Kita Kamihiro’s highest daily orders over 50 thousand orders.

Cao Bo said, for the current hot O2O market, Jingdong only platform, as three kinds of roles: the logistics service providers, system providers, local district Internet traffic integration, Jingdong play its own advantages, to help traditional retail enterprises to actively embrace the internet.


it is reported that Jingdong access to the existing businesses, including offline supermarket fresh class and other services O2O platform class. Access line super enterprise including Beijing lotus, Lotte Mart supermarket, such as rainbow, Shanghai area Wuhan Jiadeli, hundred warehouse supermarket etc.. Other services such as O2O platform, hungry, E home clean, life, etc..

in fact, Jingdong access to the line under the super business, the outside world has been questioned. Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing had said, in accordance with the Jingdong has always been to allow businesses to enter, and then do the proprietary approach, Jingdong do O2O will be under the line of super life". Jingdong will be done on whether to do their own proprietary, Cao Bo said that in the short term Jingdong will not do self. But Jingdong will go home to learn the operation of the next line of business partners, and the next line of business together to explore new business incremental.

in addition, billion state power network also learned that in the investment, in addition to supermarkets and fresh, the other category of service Jingdong have been unified into the home service industry and Jingdong home industry alliance, the alliance unified investment, such as takeaway home, home beauty massage, etc.. According to the general manager of Jingdong home industry alliance and service department Chen Jianglong introduced, at present, this is mainly divided into the delivery of quality of life, home, home services three, the future will combine Chaodeng local district to create a one-stop home platform.

in logistics and distribution, billion state power network learned to "Jingdong

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