The logic of thinking. Liu Tao sold 10 thousand boxes a day

October 16th news, the latest learned billion state power network, only half a day Liu Chuanzhi issued a pre-sale "instructions" in the logic of thinking, 10000 boxes of peach willow has been all orders.

6:30 yesterday afternoon, Liu Chuanzhi sent a voice in the Luo series thinking, announced that Liu Tao officially opened this year’s pre-sale. By 11:20 this morning, 10000 boxes of willow peach all sold out orders.


According to

billion state power network to understand, only the old Liu, the logic of thinking. In October 8th this year, the logic of thinking broadcast platform Liu true sound, through the voice of 60 seconds, Liu Tao marketing scheme collection of Internet thinking. Seeking marketing itself is a perfect marketing plan.

Liu Lao in the advice, special mention of the pocket through the white crow, carved sirloin God carved sign, comic uncle, Wang Ke and fellow pocket shopping meituan Wang Xing, the God carved response, that should learn to play the emotional card Chu orange. White crow believes that Liu Tao can be a social tool. My uncle that can be combined with the constellation sell willow peach. Wang Ke is a direct recording of the video to help Liu played an ad.

industry analysts believe that the reason for the choice of Luo thinking, Liu Lao is still the main emphasis on the thinking of the fans and the logical thinking of the logic of their own platform.

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