May day sea Amoy Union sea Amoy online trading volume increased by 140%

May 5th news, China UnionPay data show that just the end of the May Day holiday (from May 1st to May 3rd), online shopping has become one of the main ways UnionPay card users shopping. During the holidays, UnionPay online payment transaction volume grew by 164%, of which the amount of cross-border sea Amoy transactions grew by 140%.

cup side said that in addition to the growth of the sea Amoy trading volume, driven by Holiday outbound travel, UnionPay card users during the May Day overseas line consumption has also been a good growth.

UnionPay data show that this year, "51" outbound tourism is still the main short-term holiday, UnionPay cards overseas trading mainly in Hong Kong and Macao, South Korea and Thailand short-term tourist destination in Southeast Asia, including Japan and South Korea trade increased most significantly. While some owners choose to fight fake tourist travel, this year’s "51", the United States and Canada to become the market leader in Europe and America, tourists UnionPay cards were significantly higher than other regions.

it is understood that with the increasingly hot sea Amoy market in China, the credit card organization is involved in the field of polar competition. One of the two major credit card giant Visa and MasterCard walked in the front, through cooperation with overseas shopping sites, shopping discount; cooperation and transport company, provide preferential freight and other means to actively explore the Chinese sea Amoy market.

Visa and MasterCard in the face of the sea Amoy market menacing, China UnionPay also not resigned to playing second fiddle. In February this year, the United States China UnionPay and Amazon station cooperation, launched a targeted Chinese sea Amoy users discount, the user in the Amazon shopping in America, offering China China UnionPay credit card payment, with $62, there will be a 10% discount.

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Chinese UnionPay introduced outside, currently in addition to Amazon, eBay, shopbop, Gmarket, Le Tian and Bai Yi Jie and other overseas website also has support UnionPay card payment. The China UnionPay will be launched in the future for these sites corresponding concessions.

UnionPay released data show that this year’s may day, UnionPay card transactions exceeded 220 billion yuan, an increase of 10%, the number of transactions reached pen, an increase of 18%. The distribution of transactions from the industry point of view, by the holiday effect and the impact of business promotion, 51 supermarket and large household appliances to maintain a rapid growth in consumption, the growth rate was 22%, respectively, year on year growth of 12%.

, meanwhile, travel and tourism are closely related to holiday travel, and the growth is even more striking. During the May Day, aviation, fuel and transportation merchant transaction amount, respectively, an increase of 23%, 55% and 20%, the amount of railway ticket purchase ticket transactions grew by 73%. Cardholders play during travel, catering, hotel consumption and the amount of large scenic ticket transactions, an increase of 4%, respectively, 12% and 20%.

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