Super practical! Outstanding 404 page design guide


had seen 404, read the best of the whole network is disconsolate. Yes, if you’ve never opened a 404 page, you can say that you’ve never really used the internet.

404 pages. The reason is simple: when you enter the link, the browser requests to the server, but the server cannot resolve when you provide URL, the server will return to give you a "404 to find" page, in other words "server is normal, but did not find the page you want".

yes, the 404 page is so simple. It was born in the Internet and the rise of the era of the browser, but after nearly 20 years of evolution, it has evolved a sub culture based on the Internet – the 404 page is not simple.

so, to create a perfect 404 error page, there are some rules to follow.


first, the design of the 404 page should not divert the user’s attention, so that users offset the original purpose. Indeed, the vast majority of users believe that the 404 page is very annoying. Therefore, the 404 page should be considered at the beginning of the site design, and it can help users find what they need, and in the process to avoid the user jump to other sites.

as a secondary goal, the 404 page design can also provide an opportunity to build and strengthen the brand. If the 404 page is designed to be positive enough, it can leave a lasting impression on the user. In general, users encounter 404 page is usually because the "wrong" opens the way to cause, it is a negative experience, but if 404 pages can help users achieve the goal (in fact, this is the public relations crisis), then the user may change the view of your site.

in order to avoid the user to generate resentment on the 404 page, "the use of color and pictures should control the ratio and visual effects. Excellent web design, in order to strengthen the brand.

social media

in the 404 page provides links to social media is a good idea, on the one hand, can help the user to solve the problem. On the other hand, can also attract more users through social media. The site’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, micro-blog, WeChat links attached to the 404 page, allowing users to solve the problem in the context of social media interaction, to find solutions. Often, in the official can not immediately give the solution is that other users or fans may also give users some help.

important link

each site will have some of the pages that users frequently visit, which will lead the user to seek other important information. It is worth mentioning that, in the 404 page to show the entire web site >

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