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webmaster network (www.admin5.com) November 4th news, recently, Ali announced Ali small micro finance equity reform plan. According to the program, Ali small micro finance 40% stake will be shared with ALI and Ali small and micro finance nearly all of the staff of about 20 thousand, in addition to about 60% stake in the future of strategic investors.

according to the decision of small and micro gold service, in November 1st the service of small and micro gold clothing and Alibaba group 24 thousand employees, each will get a small and micro gold service shares. Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Group’s stake in concern. Information provided by small and micro financial group, in accordance with national regulations, after the completion of all formalities, the proportion of MA in small and micro finance will not exceed the proportion of its stake in the Alibaba group.

Alibaba group in March this year, began preparations for the establishment of Ali small micro gold service group. Ali micro from the original Alipay, Ali small loan business development, the group mainly includes payment, small loans, insurance, guarantees, financial five directions. Ali small micro group has five business groups, namely sharing platforms group, domestic business group, the business group and the innovation of financial business group.

with the reform plan of micro finance group surfaced, its core business areas officially exposure, including four: the first one is Alipay; second block is Zhong An insurance (Fang Xinbao), small and micro financial services group in the parent company of Alipay Zhejiang Alibaba Agel Ecommerce Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Zhejiang Ali") holds a 19.9% stake in the company third, is a Alibaba in Zhejiang microfinance limited, Zhejiang Ali holds 20% stake (small loan company other shareholders include Alibaba group and other external shareholders); fourth Celestica fund, currently Zhejiang Ali shares Celestica fund is waiting for regulatory approval. According to the reform plan released today, the future of small and micro finance will be Zhejiang Alibaba Agel Ecommerce Ltd as the entity holding company, which is the parent company of alipay.

in the equity change, Ma personal holdings will be reduced to less than 7.3%, Xie’s holdings will be significantly reduced. Ali said, Ma and Xie Shihuang had held the transfer of Alipay Ali small and micro financial shares is a transitional arrangement, the adjustment will not bring any benefits to two people. Ali small micro finance CEO Peng Lei also told reporters in the day before, with the announced Ali small and micro financial equity change, you will see (Alipay transfer) is a "misunderstanding" Ma. And 40% of the shares to Ali employees, in the Internet Co is also relatively rare.

small and micro financial equity restructuring has been described as the most watched China Internet Corporation equity restructuring events. For the share reform program, Ali group said, in the past ten years, Ali group the same principle is on the individual’s attention, and sharing system design group growth of employees, which is included in the existing policy based on ‘>

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