Network sale of color has come to the end of the lottery website layoffs

continuously "lock up" "stop" "rectification" disturbed the lottery industry a pond. This spring, the Internet lottery industry is particularly cold, but in some lottery in the eyes of the industry, this is the new lottery industry’s short dormant.

central bank and China Banking Regulatory Commission to join the regulatory

the evening of April 3rd, the Ministry of Finance announced the official website of the "Ministry of finance, the Ministry of public security, State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of civil affairs, the people’s Bank, the State Sports General Administration, Chinese China Banking Regulatory Commission on the unauthorized use of the Internet to sell lottery announcement" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice" "). Notice that, without the approval of the Ministry of finance, any unit (individual) shall not authorize or conduct Internet sales of lottery business.

in fact, the Internet lottery regulatory storm has emerged. November 2014, the Audit Commission to carry out a total of 18 provinces nationwide lottery funds audit.

in 2015, the Internet lottery sales more worse storm. In January 15th, the Ministry of finance, Ministry of civil affairs and the State Sports General Administration issued a notice, requirements for unauthorized use of the Internet to sell lottery phenomenon to carry out self correction work; in February 28th, including Sina, Taobao, the Internet lottery sales enterprises have full sale, 500 lottery net sales to suspend part of color. The policy led to the Internet lottery stocks plummeted, 500 lottery network also fell for the first time in 4 consecutive trading days and fell below the issue price.

Chinese lottery industry salon founder professor Su Guojing said that the "notice" of the issuing unit was added to the central bank and the CBRC, the state has put on the Internet lottery attention to enhance the strategic level, the underground lottery involved in anti money laundering and lottery related financial problems will be of great help that is, not only the future of the Internet lottery, lottery industry in Chinese reform institutions and the system are likely to be triggered at any moment.

has started to cut the lottery website

and in the past hold on the policy, there are countermeasures, the attitude is different, the Internet lottery sites are clearly aware of the really big event". In April 3rd, 500 lottery network issued a statement that the eight ministries will abide by the regulations, from now on the suspension of all lottery sales, buy lottery tickets can be stopped before the lottery lottery.

on Monday, the United States listed the 500 lottery network announced the suspension, and issued a statement on the day before the supplement reiterated that it is one of the 2012 was approved by the Ministry of finance, on behalf of China online sales of lottery lottery management center of the two entities. 500 lottery network said, as part of a China online lottery sales pilot project, the authorization of Chinese lottery management center to develop an online lottery sales management system. Once the system is completed, China lottery management center should apply again to the Ministry of Finance in China officially began online sales of lottery.

Internet lottery industry to do at least one

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