Product network was still $50 million C round of financing to become a capital investment


On the afternoon of 27

, the membership of luxury shopping website Luxuries network announces $50 million C round of financing, has become the capital (Chengwei Capital) lead investor, the first two rounds of venture capital investment Fang Chenxing and firm (Steamboat) to continue with the vote.

Luxuries network responsible person said, this round of financing will be used to "plan" the trust of consumers, the plan includes the technology research and development, procurement of goods, brand promotion, overseas operations, each link to optimize the LuxeHome network contact with consumers, including consumer communication, merchandising and display, transaction process operation mechanism, customer service etc..

it is understood that the main investors are still the main product C round of financing round of capital, the main business direction is to invest in a high growth potential and sustainable competitive advantage, and the future will be able to become the industry leader in the enterprise. Before investing in the product network, the capital has become a successful investment in the video site youku.

before this, LuxeHome network has received from Morningside ventures and Lei A round of financing, and Disney’s steamboat investment of millions of dollars in B round of financing. (end)

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