Why 3000 agricultural electricity supplier almost no profit

stared at China produced 1 billion 300 million people in mainland China in the diet the huge consumer market, the electricity supplier of agricultural products, is undoubtedly a gluttonous feast, but the journey is not smooth, fall and new intruders one after another. How about the electricity supplier of agricultural products? What looks beautiful trap to beware of invisible? What are the bottlenecks need to cross? Please ten key point of this paper points out that the.


see recent media reports: China current agriculture related e-commerce platform has exceeded 3 million, of which agricultural e-commerce platform has reached 3000. However, the loss of agricultural electricity supplier operation is the industry status quo. Among them, food steward 4 years operation total investment of 35 million yuan, is still operating at a loss to Wuhan; just two and a half years electronic family easy food boxes covering more than 1 thousand and 200 communities, total investment about 60000000 yuan, while the daily turnover is not small, but basically is losing support… What causes


because I have a variety of agricultural products and electricity suppliers have different levels of in-depth exchanges, from the industry perspective, the analysis of the following several important factors:

one, the traditional B2C thinking

this is a big misunderstanding, many business platform that an online B2C platform, through the guide flow, the customer will go online shopping, in fact wrong! Don’t get the electricity supplier of agricultural products with the traditional B2C thinking, so to make absolute one. Customers buy not only products, is a healthy life, so the electricity supplier of agricultural products need to let consumers from the story behind the item, planting, picking experience, logistics experience, traceability, supply chain visibility and other dimensions of the whole show, so traditional B2C thinking is fatal.

two, the definition of the target population deviation, marketing strategy detours

electricity supplier of agricultural products to produce flow is a concern, demand, the market still belongs to the cultivation period, and the target population are mostly urban female white-collar workers, the pursuit of healthy life + Internet shopping needs, at the same time, there is the cost of time is too high Gao Fu handsome people. You must define the grass root people, to meet the "22 + two + three lean cabbage root garlic bolt" demand, you’re two words: dead, dead loss.

many of the electricity supplier of agricultural products you Montreal and advertising, to a man, the old lady crowd pushing, it is absolutely the deviation! So, how to achieve precise marketing target customers, is a reflection of the problems of agricultural products business.

under a farm produce, fresh electricity supplier explosion point is a generation after 90 married family, so the electricity supplier must pay attention to this kind of agricultural products.

three, will electricity will not business

base integration + marketing + flow + transaction + supply chain services + word of mouth marketing, this is a closed loop of agricultural products can not be played. At present, there are many major agricultural products electricity supplier business management errors, that the

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