Mcglaughlin walk away from the edge of the market share of high innovation

to the United States listed electricity supplier companies, you okay?

a "big brother" halo Chinese B2C electricity supplier first shares Mcglaughlin, now face the risk of delisting. listed in the capital of the winter, but so far the most eye-catching performance of the new star".

enterprises listed in the U.S. overture by Mcglaughlin Mcglaughlin sounded, listed on the first day the stock rose 56.9%, the highest reached $17.17. Today, the success of Mcglaughlin from the past two years have been listed in the past two years, the industry competition, the company’s performance decline and other factors, the price of the shares all the way down the road, Mcglaughlin. Currently, the company’s share price hovering below $1, and is facing delisting risk.

data show that Mcglaughlin’s loss in the second quarter of this year expanded to $4 million 900 thousand. While the Nasdaq market "$1 delisting rules" pressure, also let Mcglaughlin next go the way of startling step by step. Previously, Mcglaughlin announced that the company plans to change the proportion of American depositary shares, each depositary shares corresponding to the increase in the number of ordinary shares.

analysts said Mcglaughlin’s decision to avoid delisting, the company must find the way out is outside the original mode of growth and profit way, if cannot achieve short-term strategic breakthrough, delisting is likely to become a reality.

side is the "big brother" Mcglaughlin walk delisting edge, the other side is a "Star" performance shattered the question.

Since the listing of

, has not been optimistic about the market, the industry’s profitability and its own prospects for the development of e-commerce are skeptical. However, has previously announced two quarter results to allow the market to see hope. Data show that the company’s net revenue of $135 million 300 thousand, net loss narrowed to $5 million 800 thousand. performance and operating indicators continue to improve, but also to investors in the capital market confidence. Listed on the first day, fell 15.38% compared to the issue price, the second trading day continued to fall by 14.55%. However, nearly a month, shares rose from $5 to about $7, the cumulative increase of nearly $40%. In the 26 U.S. stock trading, rose 8.7%, to close at $7.5, hit a new high price after listing.

, including Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, including a number of investment banking analysts had given buy or outperform rating.

analysts said that’s relatively good performance in the capital market, mainly due to the company’s increasingly improved operating conditions. In addition, is likely to achieve losses in the near future, thus becoming the first successful turnaround of listed electricity supplier, which has a benchmark for the entire electricity supplier industry.

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