don’t have to worry about my job with WeChat

all the dishes with a good cut, with a nutrition collocation and cooking steps to take home to eat fried fried…… Don’t cook "lazy", also can enjoy private custom treatment. In Hefei, the two students open a "micro shop", offer to buy food, vegetables, send food service by WeChat public platform.


brush WeChat   semi-finished food sent to

28 year old Liu, in Hefei, a IT network company to work, and many young white-collar workers the same, three meals a day to buy basic food. "I know it’s not good to eat in the street and I want to do it myself. But the late hours of work, a little lazy, even to buy food is always worried about how to match, how to do."

10 yesterday morning, the reporters came to the home of "micro shop" dwelling in Hefei a ring outside an apartment. 40 square meters of the operating room, freezer, dish rack, kitchen boss is two Goods are available in all varieties., 90 students.

"we are alumni, because they have an entrepreneurial idea, so at the end of last year to start planning the store."   the boss said. In March this year, the store’s WeChat public service platform on-line, currently offers 19 kinds of dishes with good.

"micro shop" opened in the past two months, every day now orders 20-30. Because the price is affordable, only barely maintain costs. Another boss, He Xiaoyan, said: "it is a long process to develop the consumer habits, but we have confidence."

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