High rate of return of small clothing store

this is a personal attention to fashion of the times, to succeed in the clothing industry, understand the operation of the road is the key to wealth, Chen Yanlin’s success story is continuing, interested friends can learn from you.

clothing so that the number of people to achieve the entrepreneurial dream, the clothing business must not have culture, but must know if you have technical skills, so you can easily close to success. Because there is no chance to go to school, Chen Yanlin dropped out of school to do the clothing business. The clothing features, but also to add a lot of shops business.

in order to increase the income to the house, when Chen Yanlin was young, her mother to help people sew clothes to earn some money. I did not expect the children to bully her, she is a black factory, we do not play with her." So in Chen Yanlin’s eyes, making clothes is not a glorious thing. Seventeen at the age of eight, mother’s body is not good, if the craft lost, also in order to increase the income to the family, decided to let Chen Yanlin drop out.

after dropping out of school, Chen Yanlin mother to help in the shop, but not to the 3 months Chen Yanlin from mother’s job. "The traditional way to do the clothes fit but no sense of beauty, I grew up on the characteristics, unique things are particularly interested in, if I do things, must have their own brand and characteristics." In this way, only to learn 3 months to cut, Chen Yanlin on their own shop to do the boss, and soon the fire up.

"when the shop filled with cut clothes, I stand in front of the bar, a back, a day passed. I cut my clothes quickly, as if born to do this work, a pair of trousers is two minutes, one earned 5 cents a day, earn seventy or eighty yuan, we soon become a million households. When you go home every day, in your pocket money to catch the Kang, think to parents, I am proud of." Chen Yanlin said.

1999, Chen Yanlin founded his own brand of Chinese clothing, the flag, which opened a new page in her life. In the eyes of Chen Yanlin, a long history of the Chinese national dress gentle moving, delicate and beautiful Chinese style clothing is unmatched by any clothes. But in the clothing world, belongs to China’s space is very small. Chen Yanlin decided to revive the traditional clothing, she used the epidemic law of ethnic clothing decorative elements, to dress for the basic shape design of dress, as well as the Oriental gentle, elegant beauty, and make the clothes with the fashion of the time.

which makes the flag from the source of the brand founded reflects the strong vitality, in China international fashion design recommended that "

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