How to do wholesale goods

do wholesale people know, want to do wholesale, want to be successful in the wholesale industry, take the goods is very important, take the goods is critical. So, how to do wholesale goods? The following, Xiaobian for you to take a few suggestions, I hope to help you!

1, do not check your products in the wholesale store.

2, do not expect to reduce risk through wholesalers replacement.

3, the wholesale market price adjustment is very small.

mentioned, piece goods wholesaler profits is very low, commodity prices lower than the retailer, the general adjustment in 2%~3%, to drop a 5% are very good. If you die with a wholesaler and ask for another 20 percent off on the wholesale price, you will let the wholesaler know that you rarely get mixed up in the wholesale market. On the other hand, in the wholesale market, general cargo transport is by bus or railway (because the transportation cost is much lower than the express), and buyers are responsible for their own, with a good distributor if he were willing to help you to check, but moved to the cost of the freight yard and freight are the buyer is paid out of my own.

4. source is not the first to consider the issue of location is the primary problem, according to the location set consumer group, the consumer groups began to find sources. For a long time, pay some tuition to the wholesale market, good goods can always be found.

5, online wholesaler


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