Yongding many initiatives to help people with disabilities to embark on the road to employment

disabled innovation cases is also present in policy to help disabled, entrepreneurship is more and more convenient, more people will believe in policy help, realize the dream of entrepreneurial wealth, live a happy life.

"in their own bamboo stocking chicken fat sturdy, very popular, do not worry about sales." In April 5th, Xixi Yongding District of Longyan City Xiang Xiao Di Cun, Jiang Xuanqiong Ritsa villagers is home of bamboo at chicken growth status, for this year’s breeding, Jiang Xuanqiong full of confidence.

for disabled people out of poverty as soon as possible, Yongding district held regularly every year 5 for the disabled skill training, 60 people each, and through the "land" and "capital investment" and "employment" and "welfare" measures such as a full range of helping the disabled, "joy of planting and breeding bases, demonstration households as a platform, through accurate support, strengthen the disabled andraising, effective radiation driven more than 2000 people with the success of their career, go on the road of poverty.


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