The name of the snack bar also has the people first

we are not often have a consumer the impression that a shop decoration is very delicate, very name of the atmosphere, although not yet entered the shop, has been away". So, if open is a common name natural shop, also need people. Therefore, the name is a lot of shops in the project is an important part of the proper and reasonable name will increase the goodwill of the customer, is a very important part of the shop ready to work. It is also the name of the snack bar. This article details the snack bar named methods and ideas, want to open a snack bar friends can do reference.

people who have been in the office know that the office of women, in addition to the favor of clothing, is the favorite of snacks, especially those who do not eat meat. So the shop in the store and more than a choice, is a snack. Sell sugar free food, health small snacks, popular female customers are welcome. Even so, this kind of snack shop also has a unique name.

Mandy is the snack shop owner, she opened a snack bar, are selling some foreign imported snacks, it should be said that the price than small snack shop in general is much higher, but to patronize her customers but not much. Keep going by painstaking effort after a long time, Xiaomin once wanted to transfer the store.

later, a chance, a customer to Mandy’s shop to buy snacks, let a little sensitive to the strange thing is, the customer looked very stiff and seemed a bit do not know whether to come in and want to buy the feeling. Then the guests to visit often, sometimes some of their peers, and Mandy close up, she talked about the first time to buy something embarrassing, a few words undid Mandy’s doubts.

Min Min did not expect that their business is bleak and the name of the store has a great relationship! Her shop called yipinxuan, and the decoration is also very fine, give customers a sense of very expensive. Besides the yipinxuan like snacks that name, and Mandy conversational guests told her that his first dare not come in fear is too expensive, or are selling what sort of senior tonic cordyceps.

min thus reflect on its own good, at the time when the name feel very stylish, did not want to know what a snack shop, there are so many ways? Examples of small food can be derived from the name of the main points:

name to conform to the commodity itself. Like Mandy’s shop, obviously is selling snacks, snacks, but with a big name, this one; second, it is a small green food brought by foreign, but with such a China of name, let a person in one eye between cannot experience the real attributes of goods.

is the name to people first. Snacks itself is very close to the people is very close to the intimate thing >

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