Mom’s kitchen this shop how do you see

is a name of the same, the same word has different meanings in different people’s eyes will have objections, at the same time there will be recognized. In the Changsha Xiangzhang road there is a restaurant called "Mom’s kitchen", "mother" in spoken inside is the curse, is used as the name of swearing, unsightly, not civilization, the relevant departments for the management of indecent name.

boss: "Mom" is kind, mother means. Came to the camphor Road, "Mom’s kitchen" signs very conspicuous, the store staff to not the boss refused to be interviewed. Then the reporter called the name of the restaurant owner surnamed Liu, mom’s kitchen is definitely not the curse of the meaning, is the mother’s kitchen, mother made the meaning of the dishes."

Liao boss responded, "Mom Dad sour, sweet, bitter, hot dishes, recalling the joy sorrow, is our slogan. This gives people a very kind, like home feeling." Liao boss told reporters, a lot of diners feel mom’s kitchen signs are very interesting, and even a lot of passers-by to see signs with a cordial photo.

users: there are innovative VS vulgar vulgar

name "drawer sprouts": in the name of good fun! Such signs look interesting, wanted to go in and eat like a



name "A Kun": it! "I rely on Chongqing" more than vulgar, the government should control these things, "but the standard sick mother", who don’t want to see on


screen name "Abu’s cloth pudding": the owner with a "Pun" approach, is a very good performance in doing business. Now the "mother" is a pet phrase, many young people will hang in the mouth, is not necessarily a curse, it is kind of ah, but also has "mother", go out in the outside, it is like my mother’s food.

name "ah ah": this name is not conducive to the construction of civilized city and harmonious society, degrading the appearance of the city, if you really want to use "Mom’s cooking" this layer of meaning, can directly change the name to "Mom’s cooking" ah, obvious speculation.

experts: the name should avoid indecent ambiguity. Hunan Normal University linguistics professor Peng Zerun said, "Mom’s kitchen" is an obvious walking name in linguistics, the "mother" can have a "mother" and swearing two meanings, deliberately store use this to attract the attention of the customer, his excuse is actually a kind of sophistry, because people see this name will lead to Lenovo, and I rely on Chongqing, Liangcheng, Lichuan is a nature. In fact, the store should avoid the ambiguity of indecent when take the name, taking into account the feelings of the public, that Changsha city of China to a pipe like behavior.

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