Let the mountains get rich mushroom

for living in the mountains of the people, want to get rich, I’m afraid to go out only to work in this way, in fact, as long as a good grasp of all their resources, in fact become rich is a simple matter, here with examples in this regard, and let us know.

the spring sowing season of hope, and in the Pingyin County Rural hole Mountain West, is a busy harvest: a box is from here to Everfount Coprinus sent to Ji’nan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big city. From a narrow dirt road with bent to twenty or thirty meters deep into the ditch, stone Tai Cun Li Chuan Lin 100 meters long hole. Warm and wet, a bulb with soft light from the roof to the extension. The ground is covered with a white nutrition bag, fresh mushroom long zhengwang.

mushroom that changes took place in the mountains of peasant life turn the world upside down, but a few years ago, they are here because of bad natural conditions and rich and no: the size of the hill 85, Hill Valley 36, high mountains and deep gullies, the scarcity of groundwater, more than 90% of the land for ten years at the nine drought "heaven and earth".

mushroom industry why the rapid rise in the deep ditch? The power of the hand of the government has played a decisive role

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