2011 winter’s most profitable hot pot restaurant to join the list


Hot pot

Xiaoweiyang Hot pot with characteristic boiling gourmet Lamb God, in the taste of delicious, enjoy the Mongolian grassland culture at the same time, but also to fill Yang Qi, the effect of physical fitness, the feeling is too wonderful for words…… The growth in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia deep small lively body, naive, foraging herbs, natural spring water for drinking for nature. The meat is tender and low temperature, which is the best meat. Eat delicious and tender crisp, pot instant, long rinse is not old, fresh and not greasy……

Xiaoweiyang Hot pot to develop and promote the national traditional delicacy for oneself, dig the grasslands of Inner Mongolia food culture, will spread to the steppe nomads in "Shen Tang" in the traditional formula should be arranged, development, combination of Mongolian and Tibetan medicine, "Yin and Yang, five flavours lifting and meridian theory of health" licorice, astragalus, Cistanche, seeds and other dozens of Chinese herbal medicines of alliummongolicum are scientific formula.

Hot pot Ding Xiang

communitygives Ding Ding Xiang a lot of attention and support, enterprises have won the "Chinese famous Hot pot", "national green food enterprises", "Chinese name" gold medal, "Beijing top ten famous Hot pot" and "enterprise management achievement award" and many other honors.


in the development phase of "Tanyutou", interested in their ancestors bearing merit, set hundred long lone road trip to a delicacy, into a friend, a lover of Italy, with pecking order, Tim.

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