Credit management and more trouble

credit for the employers but very normal thing, however, how these credit accounts to eliminate, this is a big problem. The shop to do business, especially in rural areas, village home, customer shopping, temporary inconvenience on credit is a normal thing. But some customers pay attention to immediately pay, but there is a part of "Laolai" credit is not.

I now have more than and 20 years of

shop, shop for the most troublesome thing is "credit". A few years ago due to a few large restaurant on the street, their items such as alcohol and tobacco are I give them the supply,

boss gave me 10 boxes of wine, 5 cigarettes, the first credit it continue to give you the money. Pay attention to the point of the hotel boss give you a bar, do not pay attention to even do not play ious. Every hotel more or less to the end owe little also, some boss said: "this is not my accounts, it is not my signature." This thing, you say how can.

ah, a twenty-five thousand yuan to the largest debts, now has more than ten years, even the people are not seen, not to mention the account, bother. There is a hotel, he is for you to several orders, is not IOUs, in the end he will pit you once,

another thing, I say: as the general agent of Sanshui brand Hanging noodles Wang Gou Zhen my goods, sometimes, some oil points to goods, money is not timely to the very normal matter, the village according to seniority called my uncle, he had 100 pieces of Hanging noodles, owe me 1500 yuan of money, he said "uncle, I will return it to you tomorrow." Because many things stopped for a few days, I went to my account, but also the first 1000 yuan, he did not play IOUs, I just remember a temporary account. I came back from him and took out 1500 yuan, and I wrote an account of $500. After a few days ago to account, he said: "uncle, you want money like crazy to account, I have returned you." You don’t say.

there’s one more thing. Because Wang Gou no ABC, cigarette money Wanggou tobacco retail clients are in charge here, a smoke on 2013 June, the afternoon is coming 4, here Beijing tobacco retail clients faces fearfully: "high brother, quickly put the cigarette money to beat me it is time to go."

I said: "I can not open this precedent, anyone’s cigarettes are cash transactions." Zhang Beijing begged me to say: "good brother, I really do not have to send ten minutes." Well, I’ll believe you. I hurried to help him save the money for him. But looking to the left and right is not "Zhang Lang". At seven in the evening or no shadow, I went to his house to. His wife said: "not a while, come to." You don’t say.


on credit still contacts, and some people are sincere credit too much. Also >

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