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webmaster network has been introduced in some of the use of Baidu know promotion site article, here I also talk about my own experience. I believe that the original experience of the article is Admin5 users like to see the article.

my site is a second-hand computer network in Chongqing, Baidu in the search for "Chongqing second-hand computer" and other keywords, my site ranked first. In fact, in the city of Chongqing, known as the "Chongqing second-hand computer network," there are several sites, why can I be ranked first in the long term?

in the promotion of the website, I am under a lot of hard work, we used Links, increase the chain and so on, I have used the. I am particularly optimistic about a Baidu is the use of various websites to promote their online, such as Baidu, Baidu, Baidu know the space bar are good, can not only increase the chain (and the high quality of the chain), and can bring a lot of direct visitors usually take care of Baidu (especially their products, such as Baidu know the front row, easily in the relevant search).

to give an example, I know a year and a half ago in the Baidu hair a post (problem), the website is: Of course, the questioner and the bonusgiven is myself, I ask what is the problem in the Chongqing second-hand computer network web site, then answer in his vest, told the specific URL on the issue after the end (that is, choose the correct answer, of course, is to choose their own), not for a long time, Baidu, in Baidu know search with my website related keywords, this post will appear in search results.

by visiting statistics, more than a year, this post at least to my site to bring more than 2000 visits.

above is my case, although this is not very detailed, but this thing itself is not complicated, I believe we can easily fathom the mystery. I hope my case for the promotion of the site has some inspiration and help.


(photo: use Baidu know promotion site, can bring a lot of direct visitors, but also to increase the quality of the chain)

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