Open cosmetics store to do more money

women need good cosmetics, there is a demand for business opportunities, and now open cosmetics stores are still very market. With the increasing demand for cosmetics, cosmetics industry gap is also increasing, then, how to make money to open cosmetics store? What skills?

1, shop before the surrounding market research analysis. Cosmetics retail chain plate market, scientific and reasonable analysis of the prospects of State Development of cosmetics retail chain, the market competition well, good market positioning.

2, choose the right store location. Reasonable choice in the business center, downtown area, strong flow of people lots, the ability to consume a good place, choose the location of their own business with the store address is the best.

3, the design of other style store. Creative store design, in line with their own product positioning unified design concept, the unique creative facade often to the consumer group left a deep impression, unique style more attractive to consumers.

4, the overall layout of the shop. Shelf layout and display, product placement and display are to follow the scientific and rational layout method. According to the characteristics of their products to be placed, with different types of product area, the reasonable positioning of the low end of high school placement.

5, highlighting the professionalization of the store. The overall image of the store has the characteristics of image counters, shelves, image painting, advertising light boxes and other more specialized, specialized stores to retain customers, can stimulate consumption.

6, reasonable price positioning system. According to their own site and their own products are in line with the reasonable positioning of the local consumer groups, from high school low coverage of consumer groups, consumers can choose according to their own free choice of the price of the product.

7, creative promotional strategies. With weeks, months, quarters, holidays, seasonal theme promotional activities, you can enjoy more and more favorable activities, buy, buy gifts, how much to buy, how much to buy, sweepstakes, games, membership points and other activities.

8, a good service system. In this relaxed shopping environment, you can enjoy more services. Professional pre-sales guidance and skin care knowledge, customer service to solve the various problems. Solve customer problems in time.

in the shop before the shop to make full preparations for your cosmetics join, reasonable store decoration, display, publicity, promotion of cosmetics franchise service quality, can let you quickly set up shop. How to make money? See here, you learn it?


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