Entrepreneurial skills to old friends to help you succeed

venture to do business, not only rely on their own efforts, but also know how to use contacts. However, it should be noted that it is best not to do business with your good friends and family, but your former colleagues, business partners, customers, and even mentors can help you.

1.  organize your network

if your kitchen stove top if you want to find in a complete mess, the tableware is in sight, maybe you can not see. But if you put something you need to straighten out the pots and pans, naturally surfaced.

2.  before seeking funding, it is best to establish mentoring

you seek funds or find recommended before, can seek guidance or expert comments. If in your network there are people out of curiosity to know your product, then they probably will give you money, you will also recommend people to recommend, and even their own will also become your customers.

3.  learn to pay

4.  CO sponsored a release party with charity


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