2015 electricity supplier, the key trends of the five online business tips

e-commerce industry in recent years can be said to have more and more fire, there are a lot of people have been through a network platform to achieve such a business and get rich, so, you know that in the online business electricity supplier will need to pay attention to what the problem?

to the electronic commerce industry, 2014 is a milepost meaning for a year, because last year the global electricity supplier sales reached a record $1 trillion and 300 billion. Alibaba has become the world’s largest IPO company, the vast majority of U.S. consumers have been accustomed to online purchase products. It is no exaggeration to say that last year can be described as the electricity supplier of the year.

this year, perhaps electricity suppliers will strive for further improvement, because the expected growth rate will reach 6.4% of global electricity supplier. In order to achieve this goal, many e-commerce companies are trying to improve their customer experience, as much as possible to reduce the friction between merchants and customers, driving and supporting sales growth.

1, the implementation of more responsive design

2, online support

If the

responsive design emphasizes the seamless user interface and experience, by changing the size, mobile graphics and page roller help users more convenient to read and navigate content. But as of now, only 9% of the electricity supplier recommended

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