After 6 years of construction of Fuzhou Metro Line 1 opening of the southern section

with the economic development of the city, the density of the population is getting higher and higher, and the traffic is very inconvenient. Therefore, many cities in order to promote economic development, will build the subway. So, what is the significance of the construction of the subway in Fuzhou?

18 7, with full of passengers first train slowly pulled out of Fuzhou train station, China Railway Electrification Bureau participation in Fujian Province — Fuzhou’s first subway line No. 1 of Fujian Province declared the opening of trial operation, entered a new era for rail transport.

Fuzhou Metro Line 1 line a total length of 24.89 km, a total of 21 stations, the design speed of up to 80 km. The opening section of line No. 1 South trigeminal Street station to Fuzhou train station, 9 station 9 km interval 9.852. On line subway trains for 8 rows of single train standard can carry passengers of 1460 people, the maximum capacity of 2062 people; driving interval of the peak of 7 minutes, low peak of 10 minutes; single run is only about 17 minutes and 18 seconds. The northern section of the line is expected to open at the end of December 2016.

Fuzhou Metro Line 1 Project Manager Wang Yudong

China Railway Electrification Bureau introduced, line 1 adopts the world advanced monitoring technology, the use of reliable, high quality equipment and system wide dynamic IP HD network camera, so that the entire station is no dead state monitoring, not only saving construction investment, to build the purpose of green environmental protection.

after construction, more than 6 years now, Fuzhou Metro Line 1 smooth opening, over Fuzhou city relying on ground transportation history, become a "catalyst", alleviate the traffic pressure in the city, to lead the development of the city, has an important role in widening city framework.

Fuzhou Metro Line 1 trial operation, representing the city’s subway will be fully completed! It is of great significance to relieve the traffic pressure of the city and promote the further development of the city economy.

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