Xiamen land feast will be staged this month

government land auction, has been the focus of market attention. In particular, those who benefit from the competition for the government’s land information can always be in a timely manner, in order to take the most reasonable measures to maximize their own interests. A land feast will be staged this month! Yesterday, the reporter learned from the municipal land and real estate bureau, a total of six commercial plots will be launched simultaneously, and plans to auction this month, 26.

in the six plots, four plots in Xiangan, one in Jimei, one in tongan. In addition to the township and Xinxu two plots, the remaining four plots were 90 square meters apartment layout of the residential area should be accounted for more than 70% of the total residential land area.

is worth mentioning is that the Xiangan Metro 2016XP04 plots starting floor price reached 16000 yuan / square meters, this is the history of the island to go out plots starting floor price of one of the highest.

six plots of public auction will be held on the 26 day of this month, need to be reminded that the transfer of the land mass of the requirements of one of the six pieces of land, they are not allowed to participate in other plots of the auction.

also sold six plots, which shows my city in accelerating the pace of land supply, increase the supply of land intensity determination. Industry insiders, the move allows the city land market cooling down to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the real estate market.

six plots: Xiangan four sets of the same set of

J2016P01 plots: located in the area of Jimei District 11-03 Avenue and the intersection of the University Road north of the land area of 42655.88 square meters, construction area of 85300 square meters ().

T2016P01 plots: located in Tongan Tingxi 12-02 management unit with South Road on the eastern side of Xiang Sheng Hotel on the south side, the land area of 84447.938 square meters, construction area of 92500 square meters.

X2016P03 plots: located in the Xiangan District of the new 13-02 with the new road and the road into town southwest side of the intersection, the land area of 58986.036 square meters, construction area of 88500 square meters.

2016XP04 plots: located in the Xiangan District of Xiangan metro area 13-15 Metro Road intersection with the east side of Xiangan Road West (A plots), land area of 43434.251 square meters, construction area of 110000 square meters.

2016XP05 plots: located in the Xiangan District of Xiangan metro area 13-15 Metro Road and Xiangan Road intersection northeast side (B block), land area is recommended

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