Kunming middle school students self entrepreneurship competition stage has big dreams

with the further development of entrepreneurship, college students entrepreneurship is no longer a fresh topic. But have you heard of middle school students? Recently, a group of middle school students in Kunming to raise their own funds to engage in business competition, and there are models like, won praise.

their sponsorship, to find their own arrangement of judges, court, on Sunday, "the business competition" Kunming city middle school in Yunnan experimental school auditorium opened the final curtain. 6 teams, Bazhong, ten, Kunming University School of Peking University high school and other schools, with their own commercial projects to find investors for their own".

"Internet plus" project favored by

"our project is expected to invest 700 thousand yuan, and profit at the beginning of second years. And in the early stage for teachers, white-collar workers and other groups have done market research. We want to do is idle clothing online rental services." The game, 6 teams, 3 teams have chosen "Internet +" entrepreneurial projects, and the high school idea let the judges is amazing.

"their ideas are innovative, think of the use of idle clothing, replacement treatment, and are taken into account in the whole clothing disinfection, although also immature, mature, I believe that these children can get investment." One of the judges, Xia Hong capital President Li Qiang said.

"very professional, either from the team or project, and start-up companies business model is similar to the current high school students have more ideas than we at that time." Gao Qiwu, general manager of Yunnan seven blessing Pharmaceutical Co., ltd..

"our each team will need to produce their own PPT, for their own projects, are also done market research. In October, we began to prepare, we first in their own school competition, and then select the best team to participate in the final." The side edge Bazhong students told reporters that he in the team is responsible for development strategy.

2 months to thousand yuan to sponsor

"game all processes are our students will be their own operations, including the sponsorship to invite school." The contest organizer for Mekawa Sa Yunnan experimental school student association "commercial society" said.

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