What should we pay attention to investment in the elderly

data showed that with the increase of aging, the elderly supplies market is expanding, ushered in a hitherto unknown wealth of business opportunities, but, even so, the elderly supplies a vast market, investment in the elderly supplies, is not a simple thing, there are a lot of attention to carefully place! Investment in old supplies, to pay attention to what?

according to the National Bureau of Statistics survey data show that China is aging people most of the countries in the world, the population over the age of 60 to 130 million, accounting for 10% of the total population, the consumption ability of the elderly year amounted to 330 billion yuan, is expected to 2020 Chinese supplies elderly market share will rise to 2 trillion yuan. This figure behind the potential consumption and huge business opportunities to entrepreneurs "recently," drool with envy ", urban and rural rich" received a lot of inquiries "old people store phone. How does the silver market opportunities, "urban and rural rich" reporter conducted a survey of a series of.

investment 110 thousand yuan a foothold

Red Jie investment of fifty thousand yuan, opened a more than and 70 square meters of the old shops in the vicinity of Henan Workers Cultural palace. For the elderly supplies business, when the location of the red Jay election is unique. Henan Workers Cultural Palace is the gathering place for the elderly, many elderly people often engage in some recreational activities here, light singing one day there will be several call, more than 10 summer night singing. His shop next door to 51 Park, there is a nearby Zhengzhou Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, a large number of middle-aged people.

"I see the news said, every 11 people have 1 people, there is such a big consumer groups, why store business has been better?" In the elderly supplies store boss Ren Chau also wondering.

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