Nanjing University set up venture capital fund total more than one hundred million yuan

nearly two years, the number of young entrepreneurs coming out of the university has been greatly improved, students become a major social hot topic. For helping students, Nanjing University set billion "student innovation and entrepreneurship fund", to cultivate more entrepreneurs.

"I hope the South can cultivate more entrepreneurs!" Huang Lequn for the alumni fund donated 10 million yuan. He believes that the South has been in the scientific research, papers and other aspects have reached the first-class level, but in terms of entrepreneurial entrepreneurs need more promotion. At present, a lot of venture capital in the community, but all require return. And he was involved in the creation of this fund is not a picture of the return, hoping to help students in the beginning of the most entrepreneurial place.

on College Students’ Entrepreneurship assistance is also helping to the social and economic development, younger guests join can infuse fresh vitality for the development of innovative business, and the introduction of the most active entrepreneurial thinking, to achieve sustained and long-term development of entrepreneurship.

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