90 after the desire to make money career

said that now after 90 has grown up, but also gradually have some of their own ideas, for the future planning is also true, but what is the industry they are optimistic about it?

pressure of competition in the employment market continues to increase, the overall quality of all kinds of talent in enterprises continuously improve, unemployed workers, college graduates, white-collar workplace and other groups are in need of occupation planners occupation planning support and auxiliary. Occupation planners is old more popular occupation, with the cumulative value of time and experience will be higher. It is estimated the number of Xiangyang career from Shanghai every year the number of graduates, employment and enterprise, at present Shanghai need at least 30 thousand CCDM occupation planners, currently on the market through professional training professionals only hundreds of market, a huge gap. On the other hand, the professional planner is a higher threshold occupation, the need for systematic training, master career planning consulting technology, professional knowledge and professional career planning experience. It is not only a high professional threshold, but also has a high degree of qualifications, to enroll in CCDM professional planner training, at least bachelor degree and more than 5 years work experience. Therefore, for the 90, want to become a professional CCDM career planners, as early as possible to do a good job of knowledge, skills, career experience and other aspects of the reserve.

belongs to the IT industry, and belongs to a branch of software testing job. Testing is to discover problems and improve the quality of software products. The main responsibilities of the game testers are also the case, the particularity is that in addition to the traditional software testing, but also the test of the game itself, more than other software testing work more fresh, interesting, rich. Perhaps it is this feature to attract a lot of just out of school gate "90", usually playing the game, the game is not right?

game testers occupation comments:

this work for many games "90" is very attractive, many people in the gaming company related posts full of curiosity and longing. But also to see that after all, work with interest or a certain

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