Cigarette business needs to ensure quality

said a fraud, almost any industry Chinese are fake products, but as a business, if you want to make your own business to get good long-term development, nature also needs to guarantee the quality of the product, so that the business of the shop is more popular. Therefore, the cigarette business, to ensure the quality, integrity management, but it is the key oh.

cigarette is a kind of special goods, because of its large profit margins, so many criminals making counterfeit cigarettes for profit, retail businesses that some lack of conscience is also into the purchase of counterfeit cigarettes, cigarette harm consumers. But the saying goes, for retail businesses, the sale of cigarettes is tantamount to outright you can fool consumers, and two time, could not deceive the consumer life, consumers always have found one day, if consumers find retail businesses in the sale of counterfeit cigarettes, the consumers will visit your shop?

not only will not visit your shop, but also to the people around you said shops sold in selling cigarettes, so there will be more consumers to shop you distrust, wait until your shop is not far from close. So, we do the cigarette retail business, first of all to ensure that cigarette product quality, integrity management, can not sell cigarettes, only in this way, consumers can trust us retailers, like to come to our store to buy cigarettes.

in the daily operation, I often meet with dealers to sell cigarettes cigarettes, are Qiaoxiao brand cigarettes, and huge profit margins. But, I want to be long, want to shop constantly grow, I resist the temptation of cigarettes, the cigarettes traffickers again and again out of the door. I shop for more than and 10 years, never had been complaints of selling counterfeit cigarettes. My customers are very trust me, I trust the quality of the cigarettes in the store, there are a lot of customers are far away to my store to buy cigarettes, they said my store cigarette is guaranteed, they bought smoke assured.

cigarette business for more than and 10 years, because I always insist on from the formal channels of purchase, not a cigarette sales or metamorphic smoke, which has won the trust of customers, every day to buy cigarettes for customers in a continuous line, but also tangible benefits. 2015 year, I store cigarette sales grew 10.6%, sales grew by $26.9%, profit of $96 thousand and 600. I according to my business Cigarette experience, here to tell our retail business counterparts, cigarette taboo is selling counterfeit cigarettes, once let the customer know that you sell cigarettes, your reputation is completely lost, also lost the majority of customers.

why some cigarette shops can be a long run, that is, by virtue of good faith, two words, product quality assurance, can naturally get more consumer recognition, the store’s business is naturally better and better. Therefore, the need to ensure that the quality of the operation of the cigarette Oh, so that your business will always be able to go down oh.


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