2012 suitable for summer business projects recommended

2102 summer is coming, what kind of project is the most suitable for this summer? The whole network Xiaobian to recommend the summary for you.

summer what business? What is suitable for summer ice bar


in the ice bar selling ice cream in ice cream, different methods of producing the two, the former produced is soft solid, strong plasticity, can be processed into a variety of fancy, the latter is the direct forming. The summer for what shop? Ice bar with ice cream making complex price will be increasingly high, which is why some ice cream can sell tens of dollars or even hundreds of yuan, this is like a cocktail, looking more beautiful, tastes better and more complex, the price naturally higher. What is a good business in the summer ice bar, of course, not only ice cream, there are many kinds of cold drinks, such as snow bubble, snow, foam, black tea and so on, the price is not expensive, ranging from 3-5 yuan.

summer what business? What is suitable for summer cold delicacy store


summer, people tired of Xingshan, tired greasy, eating cool and refreshing and appetizing food, so you can according to the consumption demand of people do every kind of cold store, business will be brisk. Summer, what kind of business? Open a cold point delicacy shop, small investment, quick effect, simple operation, a school will. What kind of shop is suitable for summer? As the weather is getting hotter and hotter, people who eat cool spots will be more and more, which forms a potential market. This is clearly better than the open clothing store or hotel like a swarm of bees are much stronger.

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