2016 Jiangsu, nner Mongolia college entrance examination new program

2017 college entrance exam will be unified message we have learned, but in 2106 around the entrance and what kind of policies? The following is about Jiangsu and Inner Mongolia in 2016 the college entrance examination of the new deal, a look at it!

2016 Jiangsu college entrance examination new program: college entrance examination policy adjustment

2 23 am, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of education will hold a press conference, Shen Jian, director of the Jiangsu provincial education examination and enrollment system will be informed of the new trends, including the new program of college entrance examination of social attention. According to the latest information released by the Jiangsu Education Publishing @, since 2016, the minority students care policy adjustment for "minority candidates in provincial universities plus 3 toudang".

2 16, recently issued the "the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Autonomous Region People’s Government on speeding up the development of national education", the views put forward, to continue in 2016 of Mongolian, Oroqen, Ewenki, Daur candidates entrance points of preferential policies.



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