Store management also need to do emotional management

different people have different personalities, some people really temper is "a little", while others are always tepid, the way of getting along with people, sometimes we also need to do the management of emotions, and even more so the shop to do business. What is emotional management? Simply speaking, emotion management is good at self mastery, properly adjust the mood, caused by the contradictions and life events reaction can resolve to not overdo sth., optimism, humor and timely ease the psychological state of tension.

, however, it’s easy to say, hard to do. As a retail business customers, how to manage their emotions in their daily operations? Don’t bring bad mood to cigarette business? The following is the three from the sky rural cigarette retail customers, and share them in the daily operation of how to manage your emotions.

Yunxiao County listed Island Zhen Tang Hwa Jen grocery store

point of view: cigarette business wants good, emotional management is very important

people are easily affected by emotions, emotions are good or bad performance in the face. If a person is in a bad mood, easy to quarrel with others or lose his temper. Take me to the grocery store. If I’m in a bad mood, I don’t like to talk. When consumers into the store shopping, if consumers ask this question, I will feel very upset. That day, because of power outages, her mother forgot to turn off the tap, the results of the two floor was soaked, the loss of thousands of dollars. For an ordinary family, the loss of thousands of pieces is really distressed ah. But, as a daughter-in-law can say what, if it is the husband and the child, I can also and their temper, scold them a few words. But her mother is, I can only endure simmering, like hysterical vent.

I just opened soon, came to a consumer, that is to buy hard Hongqipilang. I took a hard Hongqipilang to him, he took the smoke in no hurry to check out, but with a cigarette looked up and down, left and right, after seeing asked me: "do you smoke is really the smoke?" I have a stomach fire, heard him say so more gas. I take back the hard Hongqipilang said: "if it is false, don’t buy, I also do not sell!"

that consumers feel very face, but also angrily said: "how can not ask ah? You don’t sell cigarettes?" We quarreled in the course of contacts. I was so angry, picked up the cup at the counter, on the past. A half of the clothes to see the consumers are soaked, I know that the disaster hit big, calm down all of a sudden. Is the village Party Secretary to the store to buy cigarettes, immediately stop the further deterioration of the situation.

I got to the two floor of a reflection, although consumers questioning some very hate, but we are in the service industry, and the customer should not quarrel, the main responsibility for me. The reason is that the bad mood

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