The beauty of Dong’e two entrepreneurs to establish their own brand of gelatin

nearly two years, the media has been actively promoting the entrepreneurial role model. These entrepreneurs have experienced different entrepreneurial path. But with their perseverance and skills in the market to win competition. Today we are going to talk about, is the two time of the Dong’e entrepreneurs entrepreneurs – Wang Dan.

Liaocheng Dong’e Wang Dan childhood growing up in Weifang, Weifang as their second home, after graduating from college, plunge into the flower industry, become the industry celebrities with exquisite craft. Leave the flower industry, only 30 years old, she moved into the gelatin industry, with geographical advantages with hometown Dong’e factory, homegrown, created their own brand of gelatin. Today, she has entered the Weifang entrepreneurial university, for their cause to add momentum.

1 5 in the morning of 10 pm, the reporter saw Wang Dan in Kuiwei district near the North Palace Street and Yuhe road intersection. In her shop, is a variety of gelatin products on the shelves have attracted, gelatin block, gelatin cake, gelatin powder, as well as the side flower, very warm layout.

"I am flower, do a lot of years. Now do the gelatin product, also love in store some of their flowers, customers will feel warm and comfortable." Wang Dan told reporters.

"after 85" Wang Dan is Dong’e County of Liaocheng City, was raised in Weifang, the university is the professional pet grooming. After graduating from college, she began to learn to give up the original professional flower. "In the study of flower arrangement before, I only know the florist bouquets and baskets good-looking, but I do not know the flower is a very complex craft." Wang Dan said, in order to learn flower arrangement, she went to Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and other prosperous city flower industry.

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