Small and micro enterprises flying big dream

The implementation of

management policy, small and micro enterprises is more and more, at the same time, the policy under the help of Small and micro businesses are flying entrepreneurial dreams, while promoting economic development, but also promote the employment!

in dimensional animation, diffuse dream jewelry more than and 80 venture studio, 8 in the morning to 11 at night, walk on the road of entrepreneurship students of Nanyang Institute of Technology was prepared to sacrifice time to rest, more streamlined procedures, the development of e-commerce platform, more convenient to produce more exquisite cartoon characters…… In March 29th, the reporter entered the school three Rongzhong created space to see the scenes of the busy scene.

three Rongzhong a space Nanyang Institute of Technology was founded in July 2015, mainly relying on the school innovation incubator park to build a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship for college students, school teachers and students, teachers and students for innovation and entrepreneurship will provide innovative practices, business consulting, entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship training, business incubation, direct investment and financing services.

three at present, a space in the school hosted Rongzhong, alumni support, students create a teacher guide, really do work, highlighting the characteristics of success "principle, with" interconnection, interoperability, mutual benefit, financing, financial intelligence, integration "for the purpose of the site provided by the school, graduates will promote innovation funds, out of a new mode of incubator park construction and operation.

it is reported, as colleges and universities in Henan province innovation Association launched one of 5 units of Nanyang Institute of Technology, effective integration of various resources, creating entrepreneurial ecological culture, focus on innovation and entrepreneurship support and service system, the concept of innovation and entrepreneurship education throughout the whole process of personnel training.

the school accepted undergraduate program for the more than and 180, there are 85 projects approved before, including a number of entrepreneurial projects awarded in college students innovation and entrepreneurship competition, the National College of electronic commerce "creative Entrepreneurship Challenge Tournament awards; 14 settled team get all kinds of special incentive funds exceeded 1 million yuan, the public record space in the project, settled income has exceeded 5 million yuan. < / recommendation

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