What is the successful pet shop

now, young people keep pets has become a popular trend, and more and more people have realized that pets like raising a child, should pay special attention to all aspects of basic necessities of life. So, this time to open a pet shop is very popular. However, the success of pet shop skills? More and more pet shop on the market, how to store more popular than others?

a, site selection skills

shops around to have a higher level of consumer groups. The pet itself is a kind of high consumption, the owners only to ensure stable income conditions, in order to pet consumption; then shop around to have a sufficient number of pet people, these people are mostly consumer groups.

two, the establishment of a pet store customer service group

establish a pet shop customer base is the key to maintaining the old customer base, but also to guide the customer groups for consumption. When set up guide consumer awareness, the owners will have a strong desire for consumption, this phenomenon is psychology and consumer psychology. When a complete customer base formed, you do not have to worry about making money.

three, cost control

is the first store monthly expenses include: regular rent or self purchase cost, coal, water and electricity per worker wages, operating expenses, advertising consumables and contact all aspects of cost cost, purchase cost.

sales for different properties of the shop (pet supplies store, pet beauty shop, pet hospital) standards are not the same. For example: pet hospital: treatment fees, surgical fees, inspection fees and other income. The income depends on the level of the doctor, and the technical level of the nursing staff, and the attitude towards work and pets.

pet pet pet pet industry is a well-known brand in China to join the brand, has a good reputation, and after joining the whole shop will help and technical training to help you better shop business!

pet pet pet pet pet pet pet to promote the operation of the knowledge of the store, so that investors can easily open a pet shop venture. From the early site selection, decoration, post operation, promotion, step by step to help you successfully open pet shop.

pets need not only in the diet of a variety of products, not just quality, taste and so on, pets also need toys, medical, beauty, etc.. And you want to open a pet shop, it is necessary to pay attention to these, it is necessary to keep in mind the above introduction of the success of pet shop skills? In the site, service, cost, and so do all aspects of pet owners to rest assured that pets happy.

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