College Students’ entrepreneurial business selling apple harvest

once the countryside is not far behind synonymous with opportunity, but with the continuous development of the electronic commerce, the new blue ocean become electricity providers in the field of rural areas, many students give up life in the big city, returned home to start a business.

in Fufeng County of Baoji City West Village right "in rural areas, Taobao service station, the reporter saw at the famous Zhang Tanglin.

with the Taobao store business gradually booming, micro business more and more find Zhang Tanglin through the Taobao store, the Zhang Tanglin couple has developed dozens of micro agents. There are a number of micro business is that we work outside the village, and I said WeChat to sell apple. For them, their home in the village to sell something friends and colleagues also assured and publicity for his apple."

with the increasingly popular shops, the couple began to look forward to the future: "we intend to recruit several people this year, the customer service, delivery and other specific work out, we focus on operations."

if the students back to the village to do the electricity supplier is only a few phenomena, so that the original recommendation

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