Anhui province to take measures to promote innovation and Entrepreneurship

is now around the government and society are active in the big push the whole social entrepreneurship and employment, at the same time, in order to create some good social entrepreneurial environment, local governments also made positive efforts, and introduced a number of policies.

2015 years, to optimize the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, the release of new energy for economic development, Anhui province has issued "on the development of the public record of space propulsion mass innovation" entrepreneurial "views on the" JAC "action plan (2015 – 2017)", to promote the Anhui province innovation work to a new level. The first half of 2015, Anhui Province, the main market growth, enhance the vitality of sustainable development, the newly registered enterprises 64 thousand, an increase of 14.7%; new industrial enterprises above the scale of 2144, more than the same period in 2014 increased 265.

to promote public record space and incubator construction, Anhui province will make full use of the Comprehensive Experimental Zone, Wuhu Bengbu innovation national hi tech Industrial Development Zone and other favorable conditions, play a dominant role in the industry leading enterprises, venture capital institutions and other social forces, accelerate the construction of a number of public record space. To optimize the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship to reduce the threshold for various types of incubators and the opening of business registration, residence registration and tax business Easy Access incubated enterprises, simplifying approval procedures, shorten the approval time.

actually for a government policy to promote such a clear business, but also to a lot of entrepreneurs have a very good business confidence, at the same time in Anhui Province, the innovation of a new business launch, will also help more people’s entrepreneurial activities.


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