Be able to do business with people who know


said as the owner, we can not judge, however, when recommending commodities, still need to have the ability to appearance knowledge, so it can be more for the right to sell. Most people know what they want when they go to a retail store. Business is to meet the needs of customers, which requires accurate judgment, which not only saves the customer’s time, but also improve our sales efficiency. My experience is the "judge", from the consumer’s dress, age, accent, even temperament, determine their identity and demand.

migrant workers: 6 points to open the door, the first batch of guests is their. They are either wearing a thick coat of clothing, or wearing a uniform, with a local accent. Because the consumption capacity constraints, they generally choose Gutian, Fujian, Hongmei wolf at lower prices of cigarettes.

office: mostly appeared in between 7:30 to 8 customers are office workers or shirt pants in Western dress and leather shoes. Most of them buy White Wolf and red wolf. Between 9 points to 10 points, many office workers need to go on business, high-grade wine entertainment, this time, I will introduce the Athens wolves and other high-grade cigarette.

just entered the community of students: in recent years, due to increased employment pressure, the first half of each year there are many students out of practice, and gradually formed a small group of cigarette consumption. They usually wear simple fashion, with just out of the school’s fresh temperament. You can recommend them to the lower content of the "Blue Wolf", you can also sell them to the taste of moderate moderate smoke. Young people also have a characteristic is like fresh, so they have the desire to try new cigarettes.

: elderly people affected by long-term buying habits of the elderly, the purchase behavior of basic fixed, has a special liking for the lion, plum and other old brand incense, the price is not too high. I want to remember their spending habits, targeted recommendations. If I find out that the old man has signs of cough, and for the sake of their bodies, I would recommend a low tar but not too bland.

here Xiaobian introduced according to the appearance of people, can be better to make a business, but can not be treated differently according to the customer’s appearance. So, to do business "judge" is necessary, but the attitude can not be graded, customers spend money, even if only one yuan, he should enjoy the necessary services.

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