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due to the large demand for lighting market, and through the realization of lighting products to achieve the goal of rich investors countless, so many people want to start a business shop lamps. However, if you need to pay attention to the lighting shop where there is no attention, so the probability of success is very low. So, shop lighting shop notes what? Let small series with a "come" identity.

I did eight years in the lighting industry, lighting sales from the beginning to now own a business brand lamps (Rihga lamps). Along the way, and have. Fortunately, now the brand has begun to take shape, in the local market is also a small reputation, of course, these are due to me before the sales of lighting sales to me.

share, may not give you any decisive help, but I hope you can at least make detours. If you are sure that you want to do the lighting industry, it is necessary to carefully read the following text.

before opening the lamp shop, you have to determine what kind of lighting you want to sell. There are many lamps category, such as crystal lamp, copper lamp, cloth lamp, European modern acrylic material lamp etc.. OK, you want to sell the lighting category, you can go to the category according to the manufacturers. So you have to look at the market in your region, if you can choose a competition is not very intense category, you stand firm in the local market is still necessary.

in addition, only fewer competing products is not enough, you need to estimate their start-up capital, such as crystal lamps or European style lamps, first, this kind of lamp need enough area and height in order to have a good display effect; second, their price is relatively high, if you go to town with the volume is not much then, it is difficult to get a good price. Therefore, according to the budget to determine the lighting products are the core link.

in determining the sales of lighting category, we have to consider what brand to choose. This is a set of "contrast", "reference", "doubt", "judgment" in one of the detective process. It can be said that both cost and time. For the first time to go to the ancient town, my first impression is vertigo, too many lamps and lanterns manufacturers, too many lamps sales stores. Absolutely confused, don’t know where to start feeling. So here, I suggest you, it is best to have a purpose, friends, online search. The aim is to be prepared to go, otherwise you will be very confused and painful.

here to talk about friends, of course, is the most time-saving process, because basically can help you to the existence of a variety of risks in advance screening (unless, of course, your friends do not fly). However, if you do not have a friend, then you must do a good job, in the Internet to determine the actual situation of a manufacturer, you can see the following:

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