The master can drive the proficiency in a particular line of shops selling

in addition to our own, who is not a proficiency in a particular line. If this can help consumers proficiency in a particular line, it will bring more to the shop management help. All sorts of occupations, adventure.has, do retailers too, some retailers very good business, so they are using what special skill to win the trust of customers? Here’s a look at the practices of these retail customers, who are making a profit for customer service, and enhancing their customer base.

Shandong Weifang retailer Zhang Xinghua

practice a good word, often for customers to write and write couplet

Zhang Xinghua grew up good handwriting, even if the retail industry, often in their spare time to write and paint, especially soft words also participated in the national contest, won the certificate. The remoteness of the village know his word is good, some customers just to see his office, far away to his shop to buy goods, Zhang Xinghua saw a customer to love, write the words to the customer, the customer get the words he wrote when got the baby happy. His popularity is also very good, the club to marry a woman let him write the invitation, he married also asked him to write an invitation, he never refuse, the use of spare time at night to help people finish. Of course, the wedding with alcohol drinks are to his shop to buy.

the new year, Zhang Xinghua particularly good business, every year he do promotion to write their own poetic couplet, as long as to his shop to buy a pair of special purchases for the Spring Festival free of charge to the customer during the festival and antithetical couplet, ". This does not, some villagers run all the way, is to appreciate his writing and the smell of antithetical couplet, ink. The villagers said that now the couplets are computer printing, very few have their own writing, and want to enjoy a good word good couplet will get him to the store. Because Zhang Xinghua write a good hand to his shop to win popularity, let customers with their own shops, help others, also happy.

Shandong Changyi retailer Han Xuemei

to debug mobile phone

with the popularity of mobile phones, old children go out with a cell phone. Mobile phones bring convenience to the communications industry, but for the elderly, the phone is high-tech products, and some will only answer a phone, but also often encounter cell phone failure. Han Xuemei shop, the mind is very flexible, able to quickly accept new things, remember the beginning of popular mobile phone, many customers with mobile phone mobile phone will give some customers at a loss what to do, some customers do not know how to unlock the mobile phone no volume, some customers do not know how to delete the information in full, and the new information is received. No matter what the customer with a mobile phone, Han Xuemei is very easy to help customers debugging, and then patiently teach customers how to use, until he learns.

often hear this conversation: "little Han, help me"

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