What needs to go through the process of opening non-staple food store

opened the grocery store which generally require the process? Many franchisees want to open a shop, but the specific operating process is not very familiar with, so small series will bring you together to understand, I hope you can successfully start the business.

business license to the industrial and commercial administration, individual industrial and commercial households, very simple.

selected location, preferably in schools, residential buildings near the gathering area,

shop to find local freezer Coca-Cola business personnel for the freezer application procedures, need a business card and a copy of a copy of ID card, the deposit varies according to the different types of ice, ranging from 600-1500.

hot dog machine, you can buy on the Internet, not expensive, 2, $300, the hot dog in the vicinity of the school or sell a good

sell cigarettes, go to the trade and Industry Bureau can handle, the staff will tell you how to get, no trouble. Sell the cigarette cabinet is recommended to make multi-layer, if it is a single shop meeting takes place

It is recommended to use second

gum chewing gum shelf, the first place, if you want this with your local supplier with green arrow can get

refrigerator with flat, do not use the arch, flat in the season can not be used to put things, the arch is not good enough to put things

As for how the

distribution, and similar goods together, don’t let people feel too disorderly on the line.

food store required process have? After the introduction, I believe you have a certain understanding of these projects, if you want to invest in a successful shop can refer to this process, the headquarters hope to help you successfully suction gold, can not be missed.

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