Recruitment for women to build a platform for employment

for female college graduates and rural women build employment platform, to promote women’s employment and entrepreneurship, help the majority of women especially female college graduates employment dream, in March 9th, the provincial women’s Federation, the provincial agency office, Provincial Department of Education jointly organized the 2016 women’s employment recruitment fair. The activities of the organization employs 118 companies, providing a total of 1550 jobs. Preliminary agreement reached 420 copies, of which women were 360.

the recruitment will be close to women’s employment intention, the female college graduates, have the ability to work and employment will serve as the focus of the urban and rural women, to actively promote female college graduates employment aspirations, guide and encourage female college graduates to establish a correct sense of choosing employment for women, especially women workers policy college graduates to provide employment information for free women’s employment and entrepreneurship, publicity and legal rights as the main content, provide employment information, strengthen propaganda and guidance. At the same time, the positions and types are more abundant, pay attention to selectively introduce suitable for female college graduates and rural women’s employment enterprises and provide more jobs, with women’s employment characteristics such as handicraft production, domestic service management, medical personnel, teachers, secretarial, administrative personnel, financial, personnel, marketing and other jobs, for companies recruit talent, female college graduates employment intention to build a good platform. Recruitment site set up employment and entrepreneurship policy and legal rights consulting platform for job seekers to provide a full range of employment services and career guidance.


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